I would like to:

Make it to heavenBrandon Lee's Physique

Continue to be Happy

Be with VartikaI tried my best, but was unsuccessful.

Pass my final year of Medicine – I finally passed – By God’s Grace!

Write a book on Immunology

Make the Universal Scripture Viewer Framework Browser(USV Browser)

Get into Shape; Brandon Lee Body from The Crow (Miramax/Dimension Collector’s Series)

For those of you interested, buy the movie here: 21mpxlifrtl_aa_sl110_.jpg

Become President of the United States (United Submitters International is the party platform)

I figure, when it gets to be my time(about 15 years from now), Heart Transplants will be a very regular phenomenon. I place my bets on this. That too, artificial heart transplants!

  • Become a General Surgeon in the US, then,
  • a Cardiothoracic Surgeon, and finally,
  • a Heart Transplant Specialist

8 Responses

  1. I thought u wanted to keep your aspirations about Cardiothoracic Surgeon, and finally, a Heart Transplant Specialist a big secret.. What happened about that.. just wondering
    I love you.. Peace and God Bless

  2. This BLOG is a BIG secret! It’s open to the world. If anyone I actually knows happens upon this, then, it’s good for them. You’re amongst the few I’ve mentioned the blog to. I don’t mind if Sarab\La Jawab\Insaf\Man Singh know. And, if others have made it to my Blog, it’s because they’re qualified to know that information, God willing… 🙂

  3. shree , the day you put the this blog onto the mgm community web site , everyone is then qualified to know whatever information you type !!!

  4. Not that that many people have yet looked, Sir… so…..

  5. Hey shree,
    Haven’t seen you in like 10 years. We went to driver’s ed together way back when and hung out for a while until you moved. Just thought I would find you on myspace but you hadn’t logged on in 2 years, so I googled you and here I am. Hope all is well and will talk to you soon.

  6. Laura,
    been trying to get in touch with you, but I can’t. your mail id doesn’t seem to be working, eh…
    keep me posted,

  7. good evening doctor
    Wish all your dreams come true.

  8. Hi Shree,
    Thanks for your friendly comments on Facebook for Medpro or Olivia Hensk ( just a displayed name, not real name) , those comments inspired me much.
    Hope we keep in touch and wish for your success!!
    Elly Kane

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