About Me

I am Shree Mulay. 26 year old final year medical student doing “mbbs(Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery).” The purpose of this blog is that I have failed my final exams three times and people are wondering, “what the fuck?” This blog is there to show everyone that there is “NO FUCK!” I wish to write on the following: daily log, personal, Health & Nutrition, Medicine & Surgery, Ideas, Energy Efficiency, making music, and Effective Usage of Software and Technology. Of course, and the prospects of my company, Radiance, A Shree Mulay Acquisition, as well as my future political aspirations.

Memhis University SchoolI’m an American Citizen, though, I consider myself more of a Global Citizen, rather. I was born in Framingham, Massachusetts. I spent a good portion of my life growing up in a wonderful town, called Dyersburg, in the boondocks of Tennessee. Was truly blessed to get to go to Memphis University School(MUS) for 2 years of High School, before a BIG CHANGE occurred!

As per God’s Perfect Plan(everything is, by the way), my parents packed me up and sent me to India.  They felt I was getting too corrupted and turning into an evil human being-???  I don’t get it?  Some very ridiculous and stupid reasoning was given.  I still think the reasons are stupid.

Anyways, I ended up getting a Canadian High School diploma in the country of India thanks to the Canadian School of India.  The experience was nice, because for once, I completely had the constricting grip of my parents(mostly mother) released from my life and this was amongst the first real tastes of freedom in my life.  This was one of the more enjoyable and memorable periods as well.  Things were going well until my mother came for a visit and all hell broke loose again.  Parents should learn to have trust in God, instead of believing that they have any control over their children’s lives.  It’s an overcaring(?), overprotective, and overdominant parenting that can results in a child’s development of a dysfunctional wellbeing.  Despite the freedom, I would’ve preffered the benefits of graduating from MUS;  I’m certain the personal growth I’d’ve gained by one more year at MUS would’ve been far more valuable than the freedom I got instead.  But, God decided otherwise and who am I to know better than He?  Lest I repeat the same mistakes of my parents – The point as I’ve learned from my journey thus far is to have faith and absolute trust in God;  It so easy to be complainers(as seen 4 sentences above) rather than Submitters to His will.


3 Responses

  1. Dear Shree
    i should have visited ur blog long back
    i liked it. i think i should have my own personal blog.
    keep it up buddy.

  2. hello sir shree
    where are you sir?

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