The Next US President and another Step towards a Sound Nation…

Alternative Debit Link


I invite all of you to please bother to watch the alternative Democratic Presidential Debate with our next US President, Mike Gravel (God willing). Let me tell you why this is important to EACH AND EVERY SINGLE one of us!

a) A recession in the US is now imminent, if not a global recession. The US Dollar not only is EQUAL to the Canadian Dollar, but its now falling against third world countries’ Currency. Did you know we are paying $86 per barrel of oil? Did you know that we’re not really paying $3 per gallon of fuel; That oil is actually costing us another 4 dollars to keep the troops in Iraq. Who’s going to pay for education? Who’s going to pay for Health Care? Who’s going to pay when China decides to stop lending the US money? What’s going to happen to the housing market when the Fed refuses to lower the interest rates one more time(may possibly happen in December)? Oh yes, that recession is imminent. AND IT WILL AFFECT YOU!

b) We’re scratching our heads wondering, How did we ever get here? Well, considering that the corporates are running the show, it’s fairly easy to understand. When the corporates own the politicians in Washington, they get to control EXACTLY what’s happening in our country; They even get to pick who’s going to be the next President. Don’t believe me, check out: The corporates run everything! And, it’s for their benefit. When the country is run by the Military Industrial Complex(ie., Iraq, and next, Iran) and the Health Care Industrial Complex(ie., The Movie Sicko), you can recognize how the media is manipulated. Who do you think owns the media? Did you know that General Electric owns NBC? Which companies would profit directly from War? There you go; You’ve got answers(in case it’s not clear, General Electric gets HUGE contracts with wars). AND WE’VE BEEN WARNED BY THE BEST OF THEM:

c) Now is the time when each and every single one of us has to wake up! If we don’t, there will be dire consequences. Look, we don’t need to have the candidate who’s picked up oodles of money by all the corrupt means; She’s agreed to all their demands already! That’s why she’s staying the course and it’ll be NO DIFFERENT when she’s in office than what Baron Bush is doing? Would that make the procession Bush, Clinton, Clinton, Bush, Bush, Clinton? AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO FINDS THAT ODD??? How did THAT happen? Check out all the candidates earnings up till the October Quarter:  Do you want to know who’s the MOST corrupt? Just follow the money!

d) There is a very simple solution, by the Grace of God! It is my belief, that God has selected Mike Gravel to be our next President. Want to know why I so firmly believe that?
Because he’s the only one who’s talking Straight! Everyone who hears him acknowledges that what he’s saying is correct and that he has the RIGHT solutions! The REAL, CORRECT, and EQUITABLE ones! Don’t believe me? Goto YouTube and look at ANY of the Mike Gravel videos and check out the comments!
Because he wants to serve only 1 term in order to initiate what are the important changes necessary to resolve the current problems! The most important of which is the National Initiative. The National Initiative is a form of governance in which the citizens will have the power to legislate directly; Instead of the current situation of Representative government, wherein it’s near impossible to find a single representative not getting kick backs from somewhere to enact a specific law. When more than 75% of Americans want out of a war (which no one would have agreed upon in the first place), what are we still doing there??? – And why is Hillary Clinton and Obama talking about still remaining there? It’s because all of our politicians in Congress have been hand picked by the Military Industrial Complex(ie., Corporates) and it continues to be profitable for them! BUT AT WHAT COST? And mind you, the recession is imminent and is a direct sequalae of the current representative government in place. Yes, we need Direct Governance, which Mike Gravel will have the people enact, so that our country truly is for the people, by the people, and of the people. You think this isn’t for real? Why don’t you check out Switzerland?
The corporates ABSOLUTELY HATE him! And Mike Gravel’s got the least money – He does NOT cater to any special interest groups! You don’t need money out the wazoo to run for President! The President probably gets a maximum of 500,000 per year for his\her services. Why does she need 100 million to get that job? Let me tell you what you need; You need people to Vote. You need people to vote their conscience. Not because the Candidate might win if enough people vote for him and so I will vote for him, but because he is the RIGHT Candidate.

An Alternative Debate???


As we’ve already established, the corporates hate him! And if they own the media(eg., GE owns NBC), it’s fairly easy to see why they don’t want him at the Democratic Presidential Debate. OK, so you still do NOT get WHY they hate him? – Then check him out at a debate he attended:

Some REAL Evidence – Let’s link some facts together:

Result: He was removed from the October 30th and today’s November 15th debates.

Now What?:

Well, Mike’s got a message. A real important one, too. He is going to be heard. Why watch a staged show? Watch it for real:

Senator Gravel’s Alternative Debate in Vegas!

When: Thursday, November 15th, 2007; 4:30 pm (PST) – OFFICIAL TIME
3:30 pm(Alaska Standard Time)
4:30 pm(Pacific Time Zone)
5:30 pm(Mountain Time Zone)
6:30 pm(Central Time Zone)
7:30 pm(Eastern Time Zone)
8:30 pm(Atlantic Time Zone)

To find your time zone, please check:

Where to watch it?

Well, this is a plea to ask all of you to just check out what this man has to say. Why do I even bother??? Because this man has made me believe that one man can make a difference; And it is clear what a difference he has made: When he was Senator from Alaska in the 60/70’s he single handidly ended the draft through a 5 month filibuster! Many of us who are reading this would’ve been in Iraq fighting Baron Bush’s war! Mike Gravel also released the top Secret Pentagon Papers! Isn’t it time we got to know what top secret military stuff is really happening(eg., Guantanamo, Abu Grahib, etc.)? I know that Mike Gravel will be our next President, God willing. And this is only a part of that process. Hope you watch. I leave you with this last clip:

It’s Time for a Gravelution!,

God Bless,


ps. Join us on IRC Chat during the debate and after:

ps. Be part of The Gravelution!:

I am yet to meet a human being who likes Hillary Clinton; Yet, she’s the Democratic Party’s Presidential Top Pick. Wanna’ know why?
Who Mike Gravel really is?

The Issues:

Which Presidential candidate fits you the best? Find out here:

“The most important thing in life is love. That’s what empowers courage, and courage implements the rest of our virtues.”
Sen. Mike Gravel

Mike Gravel will be our next President, God willing. Come be a part of that process:

Why I’m voting for Mike Gravel:


One Response

  1. Well, I actually agree with most of what you have said. The only real difference is that I am not sure we should go with direct government. Perhaps on some level, but to get rid of the house and senate altogether might be a mistake. One thing I DO want rid of is a two party system that has nothing to do with out Constitution (it is just a way for people who do not have our best interests at heart, which as you pointed out is what has happened. I wouldn’t say that that the industrial complex RUNS our country, but it’s influence is undeniable and must be dealt with.
    Personally I think I’d like to see Ralph Nadar as President because he has spent his whole life fighting industry and the Government to see that what is best for this country and it’s people is done (he’s the reason you have a seatbelt in your car and neutrition information on your food among, hundreds of other things).
    Anyway, I hope that what is best for this Country can take place, but I think that I will go with what I deam to be the lesser of the two evils and vote for McCain. Many negative things could be said about his polocies, but I don’t think there is any denying that he loves this Country.
    Anyway, keep fighting for what you believe in and good luck!


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