Software to capture all those Video Blog Feeds!

video player

I’m TOTALLY floored by this software. My downlaod bandwidth is exclusively made available for Miro. It was previously called Democracy Player. And I don’t know why they changed the name. The following is from Wikipedia’s entry on the Miro Media Player:

Miro (known as Democracy Player during development and before launching in July 2007 [1]) is an Internet television application developed by the Participatory Culture Foundation (PCF). It can automatically download videos from RSS-based “channels”, manage them and play them. Miro is designed to mesh with other PCF products such as Video Bomb, a social tagging video website, and the Channel Channel, a TV guide for internet television.

Miro Media Player allows me to get NBC Nightly News every day after it’s been aired on TV.  I also get to watch various Tech, Political, Social, and Entertainment Video Pod Casts!  It’s NICE!  And, I just found out about a new feature when I visited their main page in order to prepare this post;  The software allows you to download YouTube Videos to your computer!  Another option, in addition to various Firefox plugins, website, etc., that do the same thing.  But, here’s the real key that makes this different from all the rest of the just mentioned solutions;  It allows you to set up certain tag words and anytime a new video is added with that tag, Miro will download it automatically off of YouTube – EXCELLENT!  Works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Wikipedia's Miro Image

Screen Shot of Miro Media Player running on a Linux Box from


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  1. This software has a variety of capabilities when it comes to creating and sharing a media library. If you choose to subscribe to a video channel or video blog with Miro’s open protocols, the videos of your choice are then fed in via RSS and then downloaded to your media library by a RSS Bit Torrent. From this point on users can share them with other Miro users on the same Wi-Fi network. This function allows you to play media in one room and ultimately listen/view it in another. Miro also allows users to watch videos live from YouTube, Hulu, and PBS Video. If a particular video of yours becomes a favorite then you can add it to a playlist and watch it as often as you wish.

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