The Stark and Obvious Realities of My Failure

Ecclesiastes 1

2 Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity.

3 What profit hath a man of all his labour which he taketh under the sun?

Holy Bible

I am pissed. I believe I have every right to be. At the same time, I am fascinated by the obvious injustice upon me, as well as how easy it is to prove.

I have failed my Final MBBS exams for the FOURTH TIME! The only problem is, this time, I have actually passed! I have not failed because I do not know enough. No, I have passed, and I can prove it, statistically. I have failed because everyone else at the exam center I was at was allowed to and did cheat, and I can prove it, statistically. STATISTICALLY??? Yes, it can be proven easily. The University has the necessary data required to very easily substantiate my claims.

Human Beings can lie; The data can’t!

Methodology: A very simple longitudinal analysis of the objective portion of my exam results will prove my passing. A longitudinal analysis as well as cross sectional analysis of the overall objective portion of the other students results this time as well as the previous times in lieu of a sample size including all students taking the exams at my exam center, across all colleges of Bombay, as well as all colleges in Maharashtra, will easily prove my claim. This data is available with the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik(MUHSN).

Even without analyzing the data, it is very easy for me to drive the point across; The following is the most basic data currently(August 1st, 2007)available at the MUHS, Nashik Website:

Course: MBBS Class: Final


College Code: 1101: Grant Medical College, Byculla, Mumbai

TOTAL STUDENTS:-> 27 RESULT DECLARED:-> 26 PASS:-> 21 FAIL:-> 5 RESULT:-> 77.7777777777778 %

College Code: 1102: Seth G.S. Medical College, Parel,Mumbai

TOTAL STUDENTS:-> 33 RESULT DECLARED:-> 32 PASS:-> 23 FAIL: > 9 RESULT:-> 69.6969696969697 %

College Code: 1103: Topiwala National Medical College, Mumbai

TOTAL STUDENTS:-> 24 RESULT DECLARED:-> 23 PASS:-> 13 FAIL:-> 10 RESULT:-> 54.1666666666667 %

College Code: 1104: Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College, Sion, Mumbai


College Code: 1105: K.J.Somaiya Medical College & Research Centre, Sion, Mumbai

TOTAL STUDENTS:-> 12 RESULT DECLARED:-> 11 PASS:-> 7 FAIL:-> 4 RESULT:-> 58.3333333333333 %

College Code: 1106: Padmashree Dr.D.Y.Patil Medical College, Nerul,Navi Mumbai

TOTAL STUDENTS:-> 26 RESULT DECLARED:-> 24 PASS:-> 18 FAIL:-> 6 RESULT:-> 69.2307692307692 %

College Code: 1107: Mahatma Gandhi Mission’s Medical College, Kamothe,Navi Mumbai


College Code: 1108: Terna Medical College & Hospital, Nerul,Navi Mumbai

TOTAL STUDENTS:-> 29 RESULT DECLARED:-> 28 PASS:-> 14 FAIL:-> 14 RESULT:-> 48.2758620689655 %

College Code: 1109: Rajiv Gandhi Medical College, Kalwa,Thane

TOTAL STUDENTS:-> 18 RESULT DECLARED:-> 18 PASS:-> 10 FAIL:-> 8 RESULT:-> 55.5555555555556 %

Inferences that can be established from the available data

OH WOW! MGM College is not just better than Terna and D.Y. Patil Medical Colleges, MGM Medical College is better than The Grant Medical College of Bombay. In fact MGM Medical College is the Best Medical College in Bombay, and possibly the BEST Medical College in all of Maharashtra. It has to be; MGM HAS THE HIGHEST PASSING % of them all!!!

Reality: In my career as a FOUR TIME REPEATER for the Final MBBS Exams, the cheating I witnessed this time during the Final MBBS Theory paper was unheralded!!! And, the overall passing results of MGM College shows it! In fact, if I were a student from Terna Medical College, I’d be damn pissed that I was given the same benefit to cheat when I wrote my theory exam at the MGM Medical College Exam Center. The very people who were so bloody stringent against the Terna Students(Which incidentally has the lowest passing results) as the ones who get the maximum benefit for cheating! I do not believe that MGM is a better college than all the others in Bombay, and possibly Maharashtra(as I do not have the passing percentages of the rest of the colleges). As a witness during the examination, I assert, the passing percentage has been falsely increased through unfair means. This is easily seen.

My Intentions: I’m not trying to take anything away from anyone; I believe that efforts have been made by students. But, I also would like to receive due credit for my efforts also. I have not cheated during my Theory paper and there is nobody who was at the exam center who can deny my claim. I am not trying to be a super human, or a god of Medicine, nor do I claim to be. I am an average student wanting to get what I deserve. This time, I did know enough to pass. I failed as a consequence of the rest of the class cheating; I did not fail because I did not cheat. There is a distinct and significant difference between the two. The beauty of it is that I can easily prove that I am telling the truth by a simple statistical analysis, both longitudinally as well as cross sectionally, of the objective portions of the exam results(past and present) collected by the University.

Bigger Picture: Anyone who has passed from this University should be concerned about the information I have presented. In my failure lies the failure of all students who have ever passed from this system. In fact, my case helps to highlight a system to establish a system of checks and balances through which unfair means at an exam center, by a simple retrospective analysis of result data. This will help maintain the value of those past, present, and future, who have graduated from this University.

Conclusion: MGM Medical College’s passing result percentage is more than 2 Standard Deviations above the mean and is statistically significant. It proves, even without analyzing absolute underlying data which can help us understand to what extent an advantage was offered, that cheating did take place. Apart from this post, I wish not to take this further. I would not like my life to get bogged down by this incident. Though, I am concerned, if ever I decide to come back(though unlikely; I’m exhausted and burned out) and complete my MBBS in the future, of suffering the same consequence because everyone else is allowed to cheat. I have peace of mind in knowing there are more important problems in this world for my mind to be applied to, by the Grace of God.


12 Responses

  1. wasalam

    hey bro if only you apply that much of skill amd dedication in reading your books as u applied on this topic i think u wont be a repeater the fifth time so cut the crap and start reading dont force people to call u a moron hey this is strictly non offensive and has been written in the interest of our friendship and good wishes so wanna take a comment take it fucking seriously and get on wid the fucking books and reading remember its difficult to fail wid ur experience and knowledge pls apply urself correctly

    god bless
    Dr. Imran

    P.S. If u feel like abusing ur welcome to write back bye

  2. Peace Imran,

    I appreciate the perspective you have presented. But, as I continue assert, I have failed because everyone else has been allowed to cheat. I am not a topper as a Medical Student, BUT, I have prepared well by my fourth attempt; The point is, I am not able to compete with the answers made by the collaberative efforts of the remainder of class. Even the least of collaboration yeilds a minimum of a 10% increase in marks. Did you know, I got less marks this time than my previous attempts. It is not because I know less – It is because others have been allowed to collaborate, and what an average student’s response would be has been obfuscated by the unprecedented collaborative efforts allowed during this exam. The cheating that occured is like that which I have never witnessed before in my vast experiences of giving University Esams. At the very lesst, the last ten minutes of each paper was alloted for cheating(With exception of Medicine I), if not the whole paper done under little vigil. I am unable to compete. I have not cheated thus far in my exams, and I will not start now.

    I would like to point out that statistically, my claims can be verified if the University will allow the data to be made available. I feel bad for people from the rest of the colleges of Bombay who did not get the same benifit to pass as the students I had the unfortunate circumstance to write exams with. I appreciate the time taken to read, as well as the time taken to comment.

    God Bless,


  3. hey shree..i m responding to yr article cos i care and hope for no bitter feelings after response

    the reason why men succeeded in their survival is because of their ability to adapt…adapt to situations bad or worse….its the reason why we are the way we are….those who couldnt – are fossils….the reason i mention this is that though the system is bad(i agree)….but ((1))if your moto was to pass u would adapt and do what the system requires….i m not saying that you should copy or cheat ….but u read books that are unheard of in india or by indian proffessors….u read topics that are unnecessary….u gotta do what makes more sense in this system to pass….u gotta do what other guys who pass do,in terms of their way to study . ((2))if yr moto was to stick by yr thoughts and principles irrespective of the outcome and really believe that someone else is responsible for yr failure then u wouldnt write this article in the first place

    my advice—u have given your exams the way u wanted to..just adapt to the system and study the way others study to pass (not for knowledge,but to pass. you have your entire life to knowledge)…just for one more attempt…if not, to abide buy your principles, then at least for experimental purpose….i sure you will know the difference.
    peace….take care
    p.s–dont give up on yourself

  4. Hey Shree,

    I do agree to your point to a certain extent. It does affect an average sincere student when the entire bunch is passing off using the so called ADAPTIVE METHODS.

    Dude, writing here is just going to relieve your frustration, but unfortunately its not going to change our system. Now i know a lot of people will say that if everybody thinks the same then nobody can change the system. Common on people, look around and you will see thousands of examples wherein people actually collabrated against the system and the end result is not what they wanted.

    I will sign off by saying, i appreciate you making a point however the big question is IS ANYTHING GOING TO CHANGE?

  5. Peace,

    I really do appreciate everyone’s positive sentiments. I have no interest in changing a system. The system is fine as it is. It has allowed me to get this far in my career. My only responsibility is to inform that the means used during this exam were unprecedented. God willing, this is a spurious occurance. Nonetheless, this log exists to note my observations, and to that end, I have succeeded. I’m certain, had I passed, I would not have bothered to blog. Indeed, there is significance in everything.

    God Bless,


  6. Additionally,

    I do not have bitter feelngs towards anyone. I am happy for the people that have passed and for the people that continue to pass. It is a great Blessing from God.

    God Bless,


  7. hi! shree

    i read your blog….first things first….please donot analyze the reults..the exams….eventhough thats the most natural thing to do but still dont do it….it’s a fruitless affair.

    also you have not failed….it’s the system which has failed when they declare you a failure….

    there are and there always will be individuals who will try to take unfair advantage by exploiting all the loop holes that exist but dont let such individuals bog you down..cos these are the, “real failures ” and deep down inside even they know it….

    try to concentrate on the real things in life….things which matter….spend more time with loved oned who understand….it’s a waste of time to analyse stuff which is basically so corrupt.

    you are a winner…cos you have kept a cool head..tried to find solutions and dealt with the events with great maturity.

    it’s all about finding the best possible solution and no matter how grave the problem is there always is a solution.just got to find the best possible solution….and you know that….

  8. hey shree
    first of all m surprisd tat u din passd ths yr..bit shockn.wel if u remem v wer in the same batch wile gvn practical xams.n at tat tme u wer askn evry1 such questns tat whch evry student must knw at tat still evry 1 helpd u at tat tme..wel the problem is now wit ur lack of concentratn in ur studys..n worst of all is ur HANDWRITING..coz i hv seen it n its terrible..wel my only thng is tat stop analysing ne1..n jus analyse urself.n bliv me jus a lil mre effrt of urs will surely gv u the ultimate victory fr whch u waiting fr..all the best…..fahad

  9. Peace,

    As everyone is aware of, I do have sloppy handwriting and I am capable of writing anything – especially when I don’t know the subject matter being asked. This time, I was diligent in writing a presentable paper as I knew the subject matter well and intended to pass. The reason I ask around only the most basic of questions(during the practicals) is because everything that is studied are the basics if asked in the appropriate manner; ie., the manner in which they are learned and stored into the memory. I focus only on the basics in any study that I take up. The questions I would’ve been asking which may seem petty, were in fact basic, yet intricate details I needed to confirm in order to clarify key concepts.

    As suggested, perhaps for experiments sake, I should take these exams again. But, the factor that I would like to have changed are not the books nor the approach that I have used – It’s the same approach and same type of books that I’ve used since first year which has allowed me to come to final year – but rather, the factor of cheating. I would (because I do believe in myself) want to give the exams again with the assurance that the unprecedented cheating – which occured this last time and because of which I have failed – not be allowed to occur again. Any other change would show a lack of faith in myself and giving up on my premise. As I have asserted, I would have pass had unchecked cheating not occured, and, if exams are conducted and uncontrolled cheating is not allowed, I’m certain I would. But, I am not going to give these exams again. Another six months I will not afford to waste. I am on my way out of here, God willing. I cannot, at this time, afford to take this risk again because I cannot be assured that what has happened this attempt would not happen again or even get worse.

    Rather than this turn into an I say, they say situation, a resonable conclusion can be reached if the University hires a statistician to analyze the results data collected. Maybe these things would not occur in India, but they do occur. Depends on the rest of the people and how badly they would like to prove me right or wrong. I am more than satisfied with the ability to post this blog and to reply to comments.

    In case you would like to see my handwriting, my paper is with the University.

  10. relax buddy..u dnt need 2 over react sooo much..i knw ur 2 frustatd wit mgm n xams jus gv a last try..jus try it..god bless u

  11. Peace,

    I’m not frustrated. All of this means that it’s time to try my hand at something else for now. I have the opportunity to move on and I do, by the Grace of God. I just hope that my example means something and is significant enough to enlist changes, if not in the system, perhaps in the masses that are processed by this system.

    God Bless,


  12. guess u did it again..i mean went through all that pain of collecting data n i see it u lack the approach n not the knowledge to pass out..n i dont mean u should cheat.go back to ur books overhaul-if he’s watching (HE) u’ll get wat u deserve.(i’m sure this is wat u would have said if i was in ur position).

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