My New Blog: CodedigestionExercise

This is to inform everyone that I’ve started a new blog on Exercise.  The necessity is presented in the following(on that blog’s Purpose page):

As per a podcast discussions with one of the researchers behind the article from the Lancet, Dated July 22, 2006, there was an interesting conclusion reached regarding the amount of exercise required by children to prevent athersclerotic changes in their arteries;  These changes later lead to heart disease.  The article suggests the following:

Physical activity levels should be higher than the current international guidelines of at least 1 h per day of physical activity of at least moderate intensity to prevent clustering of cardiovascular disease risk factors.

The links to the article are the following:  PMID: 16860699

And, as per discussion with one of the researchers of the article in the podcast, the following conclusion was reached(link included below, also:

Listen to The Lancet: 22 July 2006

Saturday, July 22, 2006, 5:31:00 AM

Author Lars Bo Andersen discusses how international guidelines need to be changed so that young children are encouraged to take 90 minutes exercise a day to prevent cardiovascular disease.

link to podcast: 9532_22july.mp3

This blog has been enlisted to document and share my efforts to reach that daily requirement of 90 minutes that has been suggested for kids;  I believe that that same requirement of 90 minutes of exercise per day is also required by adults, and thus, I share my experience with you, perhaps to keep us from getting bored and a to promote a motivation to accomplish our goals of 90 minutes of exercise per day.

The blog is found at:


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