Roadmap for Immunology Book

This is the roadmap for the intended eventual release of my book on Immunology, God Willing.

  • Decide upon a name for the book. I’m thinking about:
    • Immunology Basics
    • Immunological Basis of Health & Disease
    • Basis of Immunology
    • Immunology Objects
  • Add a page to this blog entitled, “Immunology Book” containing the text of it.
  • Blog about; Add to Blogroll
  • Sign up for publishing at; Intend to self publish.
  • Visualization of Object Oriented Programming(OOPS)!” .pdf -> published via LuLu; to be an Open Book -> BLOGIT on ‘Immunology Book” pages
  • Express the concepts behind “Object Oriented Understanding” -> white paper -> BLOGIT on “Immunology Book” pages.
  • Learn XML Stylesheets to keep book in .xml form including an online viewable form. After completion, have a convert -> .pdf button on the page for life\fresh .pdf files!
  • after completion, publish via -> & Barnes & Noble.
  • version system instead of editions(ie., v.070322)

Why the book? Well, because I Love Immunology. It’s a very simple subject which has been turned into an esoteric arena of Medicine; The authors who write on Immunology have done a poor job of standardising and simplifying the stubject. I also hope to get some publicity for myself by the time I have to sit for interviews to get into my Surgical Residency; Ya’ see, I wanna’ be a Heart Transplant Specialist. Therefore, you can see how these things go hand in hand.

I requests insights, opinions, and whatever inputs on the naming of my book! In advance, THANKS EVERYONE!

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2 Responses

  1. Dear colligue

    I would like to thank you for your elegant idea about immunology , so I will hope to be linked with you agane.


    A.Chaichi -Nosraty

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