I’ve decided to stop stardating my posts. I will stick with the default dating system enacted by WordPress.com. It’ll assure more readable posts, God willing.

What I intend to do in the upcoming weeks, and God willing, will accomplish them(apart from exercise\studying, and of course, Submitting to God ALONE!):

  • Project Synchronization – 3 parts(with screenshots)
    1. Automated Installations of Windows and various Software on a computer; How to implement the project for yourself! DON’T YOU JUST HATE HAVING TO SPEND 3-5 DAYS SETTING UP YOUR COMPUTER EVERY TIME YOU FORMAT AND REINSTALL WINDOWS!!! Well, now let’s automatic the process fully! 🙂
    2. Setting up a Bootable Live Windows CD\USB Drive
    3. Setting up internet backups of your various system settings, like your bookmarks and your firefox browser so that you can have access to major facets of your system from anywhere in the world!
  • Set up an ebay store in India with the following products:
    • Golden Tips Green Tea, Ergonomic Chairs, Forever Living Aloe Vera Products, and CFL light bulbs from all available brands
  • Posts on the benifits of Green Tea, Aloe Vera, and the Atkins\Low Carb\Paleolithic diet..
  • A discussion on Firefox and efficient usage of it, including useful extensions, along with screen shots.
  • Set up pages on Radiance, my umbrella company and my future plans with it.
  • A discussion on the Concepts of Object Oriented Programming, along with a presentation visualizing the core concepts pertinent to objects. I intend to extend the concept further to Object Oriented Understand(OOU), perhaps a new concept that I’m stumbled upon and will develop.
  • Using OOU, write my book on Immunology.
  • Studying for the USMLE’s Step One!

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