Directory of Free Hosting Providers – Stardate: March 8th, 2007; 1:08 pm


Directory of Free Hosting Providers

Welcome to HostAdFree, a simple, well-maintained directory of free web hosting providers. Services must be “general web hosting”, not restricted to weblog only, etc. Sites that force ads on your pages are excluded. Every entry is tested for operation, and uptime statistics are reported.

Host Quota (MB) Xfer (MB) File Limit Domain Upload Scripts Mail SQL Inst. Active
FspHost 250 Unl Unl no ftp web     N Y
ZendURL 101 2000 Unl sub ftp cgi php perl ssi fwrd Y Y
CabSpace 100 30GB Unl sub ftp web     N Y
SiteSled 100 30 Unl no ftp     N N 50 150 Unl no ftp php ssi   N Y
Memebot 30 200 Unl own* sub* ftp scp cgi php perl ssi fwrd N Y
HostRocket 25 2000 Unl sub web     N Y
Synced Hosting 20 200 Unl no ftp scp cgi php perl pop3 N N
RipWay 30 450 10MB no ftp php   N Y
XTHost 30 Unl 10MB no ftp web     N Y 100 500 8MB no web     N Y
MyRobotix 50 500 2MB no web     N Y
FreeHostia 250 5000 500KB own sub ftp cgi php perl ssi pop3 fwrd Web Y Y
AwardSpace 200 5000 500KB own ftp cgi php perl ssi pop3 Web Y Y
50Webs 60 Unl 300KB own sub ftp   pop3 N Y
499Angels 35 100 250KB no web     N Y
AtSpace 50 Unl 200KB own sub ftp     N Y
ZeXXo 100 0 2KB no       N N
HostLite 25 250 Unl no       N Y
Telavir 10 100 Unl own ftp cgi php perl ssi fwrd Web N Y


Domain/Own = You can use a domain you own. Own* = unlimited domains
Domain/Sub = You can use a Sub* = unlimited subdomains
Xfer/Unl = Unlimited transfer, limited only by how busy the site is
Upload/SCP = Secure copy, and secure FTP is enabled
Upload/Web = Browser-based file management
Scripts = List of allowed server-scripting types (Javascript is always allowed)
Mail = Can be any of POP3, Webmail, or Frwd (Forwarding).

Copyright © 2006 HostAdFree (All Rights Reserved) * Built using SMX

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4 Responses

  1. If you know of any hosting services that focus on local customer service, feel free to submit them to my localized directory.

    If everyone had a free host like the ones listed in your post that were local, I think they would be very satisfied.

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