Stardate: Feb 27th, 2007; 10:44 am

a lot’s been happening!

I’ve been running on a 1.6 ghz machine when all this time a 2.8 ghz chip was sitting in another bucket with a messed motherboard!  FINALLY PUT IT UP AND NOW IT DOESN’T TAKE 15 MINUTES FOR MY FIREFOX TO SHOW, BUT JUST A FEW SECONDS!  PRAISE GOD!!!

Been getting the works done, baby…  OB/GY Instruments – OH YEAH!  <pause>  NOT!

Well, after this, will get in touch with sarab regarding posting the music online…

intend to do a chapter of surgery, finish another 4 pages of ob\gy instruments, and a chapter of medicine.  HELLO!-What about Physio & Pharmac review???  YEAH, Just let me finish the set of three and then, I’ll start to incooperate you fella’s.

Been meaning to update Aspirations on the blog.

Been meaning to discuss some other prospects on my mind currently.

gotta’ get my catagories in place.

What about editing the .css for this blog theme;  Seems like an exciting idea – But, I just don’t know anything about css yet!

I need to dump 5k in some Mutual Fund here in India.  I’m thinking about one of these Gold Funds that are yet to hit the market, possibly.

getting my submission back into line, by the Grace of God!

oh yeah, and “SYNCHRONIZATION” – My big project.

How do I get my blog to have pages in a series?



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