Comparison Shopping Actually Saves – Consumerist – Stardate: Feb. 25th, 2007; 10:36 pm

We intrinsically know comparison shopping saves money, but according to the Chicago Tribune, we don’t compare enough. Though we all think wecompare prices, “research shows consumers, time and again, are most likely to buy from the first merchant they visit.”

“Prices for identical goods vary, and unless you actually do some comparison shopping, you’re not going to know that,” Lichtenstein said. “Consumerssay, `Well, I may be paying a little bit more, but I don’t have time to shop around.’ But if they knew the degree to which prices may vary,they would find it’s well worth it.”

Our grandmother knows the price of grapes in every supermarket in at last five states.The Trib has helpful reminders to become more like her.

  • Don’t overvalue your time: small savings add up over time to make a big difference.
  • Takeadvantage of the internet: if you know what you’re looking for, plug itinto “Froogle, MySimon, Shopzilla, DealTime and”
  • Take a test: search for the last few expensive items you bought and see if you could have saved more.

Ifthat doesn’t help, remember that comparison shopping is the bedrock ofour wonderful capitalist economy. If you won’t compare for yourself,compare for your country. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

Comparison shopping proves well worth spending the time [Chicago Tribune]
(Photo: Peter Gene)

Comparison Shopping Actually Saves – Consumerist

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