An Inconvenient Truth: Get it Free! – Startdate: Feb 25th, 2007; 8:03 pm

There’s nothing like a free movieEver think, “That movie is so bad, I wouldn’t see it if they paid me?”An Inconvenient Truth tends to have the opposite effect: it is so grounded, so filled with integrity that even a lifelong republican who despised Al Gore in 2000 concludes that it’s “simply great” (cite). And our generous donors will buy you the DVD. Oddly enough, this is probably the last movie on Earth that you need to be paid to see.There’s no catch. Fill out the following boxes to request a free DVD:

Free Admission – Share The Truth

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4 Responses

  1. Pl mail the DVD to
    1, B-3,
    Siddheswar Nagar,
    TingreNagar Road
    Pune – 411015

  2. Hi,

    I have seen this awesome movie and I want to show it to my friends … can you please tell me where can I get the DVD for the movie “The Inconvinient Truth” by Al Gore…. I tried it in Hadapsar-Magarpatta (Pune) area but could not find it…

    Thanks & Regards,

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