Stardate: Feb 22th, 2007; 6:56 pm

Too many things going on!!!

After an interesting viceversa, retro, introspective discussion with my friend, Mansingh, we both rerealized that we have way too many things to be doing and that we’re wasting a whole lotta’ time in our own lives respectively! That was the conclusion as of this morning at 3:45 am, when I went off to bed. I got up at 6, did my contact prayer and a mini meditation, and went back to sleep at 6:30. Got up at 9:30 and stayed away from my computer the whole day till about 5:30 in the evening! FINISHED A CHAPTER OF SURGERY AND HALFWAY THROUGH A MEDICINE CHAPTER! Now, I’m off to ditch this computer and get to a run, ASAP! That is, after my Sunset Contact Prayer has been completed. I intend to finish the Medicine Chapter by the 10 tonight and to do some Phsyiology(Gotta’ prepare for my USMLE Step 1’s, too). 10/11 onwards, Mansingh and I will be doing some real reading. I intend to either finish James and the Giant Fish, OR, start on an Edward Allen Poe Short Story. We shall see… Peace out…


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  1. so understand what you mean when you say you intend to stay away from your computer for a day.

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