Roger Waters – Stardate: Feb 19th, 2007; 3:40 am

various short narrations of the performance:

    Mildly disappointing to begin with, but finally, quite arousing!
    The First Half before the 15 minutes break was a warm-up for the second half!
    The Second Half was a warm-up for the Encore!
    First Half: Began with “put ’em up against the wall” & “mother” followed by other tracks
    Second Half: Dark Side of the Moon – NICE VISUALS!
    Encore: THE REAL DEAL! As hardcore as Floyd ever get’s with progression into the psychedelic mood swings from The Wall, including the crowdpleaser, Another Brick Hits the Wall, and ending with Comfortably Numb.

the politics:

There were significant political overtures present throughout the evening; The concepts are the same as they were 20-30 years ago – Seems if there were NEVER a war, there’d be no effect in the music with its lyrical essense(Can you imagine George Bush’s face in the visual backdrop of the stage and a huge, floating helium PIG balloon floating above the audience’s heads saying, “Impeach Bush NOW!“, all the while Waters playing, “Vera“, singing, “Bring the Boys Back Home” – EMOTIONAL, ISN’T IT???) – What if there was no war? Would that put Waters outta’ buisiness? It seems almost as if he’d have nothing to talk about without a war!

At the end of it all, I was wondering when the British people would want “Waters for PM!“. Can you imagine that??? – The whole world echoing, “WATERS FOR PM!

a special audience:

“You guys are a special audience” – In his mind, “you guys have just made me a whole lotta’ fucking money!”

the question of the evening:

Who is Harry Waters?

ans. “Harry Waters is the son of Pink Floyd‘s bass player and lyricist Roger Waters. He has played on tour with his father since 2002, replacing keyboarist Andy Wallace. In 2004, he toured with Marianne Faithfull. He is currently touring with Roger Waters for his The Dark Side of the Moon Live tour . His primary instruments are the Hammond B-3 Organ and the Yamaha bass trumpet. He is an avid fan of Phish and The Grateful Dead and has played in several jam band cover bands.”

excerpt from:


mandatory disclaimer:

…the views expressed here will surely piss off some of them who made it to the show…


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